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Is life overwhelming? Unable to please anyone, not even yourself?
Feeling frustrated, angry, unappreciated?


Counselling with me will give you a safe place to be heard, and to feel respected and supported. We'll work together to find the right way for you to move forward, overcoming whatever you feel is holding you back. Past clients say they feel greater clarity about their lives, more confident, and more in control of where they’re going.


Individual Counselling

Individua Counselling

Couples sometimes get trapped in repetitive cycles of blame. 
Has the sex, the fun, the laughter been lost? Could an affair mean an end or a new beginning for the relationship? 

I create a safe place to be heard and to listen, both to your partner and yourself. I support each partner equally, helping you to express your feelings. While many sessions will take place together, I also find individual sessions can be hugely helpful, allowing each person to express themselves freely. 



Couples Counsellig

Families can be powerhouses of love and support but also places of conflict, isolation and tension. Separation, bereavement, illness or divorce can cause upset and disruption. And difficulties can occur in families at any stage - when children are young, teenagers or fully grown. 


Counselling creates a unique situation where members of the family can come together in a space where no one is judged, and everyone gets a chance both to speak and listen. This lets us understand more about where the problems lie and what solutions we all want to work towards. Together, we’ll build a strategy to resolve conflict - when everyone gets behind a plan to create change, it’s wonderful to see what can happen.

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Family Counselling
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Young people can face huge challenges in their lives from school, friends, social media, family… They can find it impossible to share and open up to those around them.

My aim is to create a space where they feel so safe they can share anything, where they can try to work out solutions to whatever is holding them back. The sessions, like all my sessions, are confidential. This enables young people to talk about and explore problems they don’t feel comfortable raising anywhere else. 

Young Person Counselling
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